Out with Fitbit Charge 4 In with Galaxy Fit 2

Posted on October 24, 2020

It all your fault.

Time has come to sever ties with Fitbit Charge 4 and start a sweet journey with Samsung Galaxy Fit 2.

I pre-ordered my Fitbit Charge 4 because I had never owned any fitness bands. The primary appeal for me was to keep track of my activity in an attempt to be slightly more health concious. With Corona and WFH situation it seemed imperative to keep track of my activity. Also I was intrigued by the sleep monitoring. Coming from Samsung frontier it was noticably light on my hands. Even though the Samsung watch had sleep monitoring due its weight and size, it was uncomfortable to sleep with it on my wrist.

I was quickly disappointed with my purchase when I learned that the Fitbit Charge 4 didn’t have automatic activity tracking. That was something I assumed should be there in a fitness band. While the step count was automatic there was no automatic workout detection. And during the 6 months that I wore it and went on walks forgetting to start my exercise only to remind me of the mistake in buying this product. At the end of the walks I open the app and BOOM! it didn’t log my exercise.

Also, as much as I was excited about monitoring my sleep turns out it was something I didn’t use that much.

Hello Fit 2!

For 1/3rd of the cost that I paid for my Charge 4, the first thing I welcomed the most in the Fit 2 was the automatic workout detection(oh I soo missed this). The screen on the Fit 2 is bright and crisp. In the short time that I have had it (4 days) it automatically registered all my walks. It also actively tells how long you have been exercising. The sleep monitoring is there, continous heart rate monitoring(which is a setting that has to be toggled from the app). Most of the features of the Charge 4 for a much cheaper price and also without any compromises.

The onscreen home touch button is also much better than the Charge 4’s side button. The Fit 2 is lighter than the Charge 4 and also the screen is thinner than that of Charge 4. Some might have concerns about the thinner screen but honestly you don’t lose any information from not being show on the screen because of smaller screen real estate. In fact I can see my sleep info, my stress levels all from my watch while on the charge I had to use my fitbit app.

The only thing that the Fit 2 doesn’t have that the Charge 4 had was GPS which is something I would advise against since the few times that I started by exercise with GPS, the battery died on me half way through my walk. The other thing is NFC wallet, another feature even though I set it up haven’t used once.

I think Samsung has done a really nice job with Fit2 especially given the price point and the one feature that I think is a must have on fitness band - automatic workout detection.

The other thing I liked about it is how well it integrates with the Health app on Samsung S10+. It is a shame how Charge 4 doesn’t integrate with Samsung health or Google Fit. Sometimes when my fitness band is on charge and my step counts are tracked through my mobile, without a holistic view of the step counts its a bit cumbersome to see if I hit my step count with the Fit charge. I have to do my math to get the step count from the fitbit app and my samsung health. But even with that I can’t be sure because I can’t keep track of the overlapping steps between the phone and my fitness band.

I was initially hesitant to get Fit 2 but the automatic workout detection and its integration with Samsung Health sold me!

Fit 2 is a fitness band I would recommend for anyone who has a Samsung phone and are looking for fitness band.