Android N(Not a pleasant beta update)

Posted on March 28, 2016

Android N review and caveats

Its been close to 8 months since I bought my Nexus 6 and also made the switch to Google’s Project FI. I got this device primarily because I wanted to on bleeding edge. I didn’t want to wait for ATT or Samsung to receive features that I yearn for.

After Google annouced the Android N I wanted to enroll in the beta but the fine print on the enrollment page Link which warned me not ot enroll if it is was primary device stopped me from enrolling in it. But, yesterday I finally enrolled into the beta program because most of the reviews/posts online suggested that it was pretty stable for them.

So why this post?

Well that isn’t quiet the case, I should have abided by the fine print :P.

Here are things that you should know before you decide whether you want to enroll or not:

  1. Multi-window looks great but most apps don’t work well with it, for instance Facebook doesn’t show the feeds when you activate multi-window
  2. The phone is actually pretty slow(at least for me) and I by no means have a lot of apps installed on it.
  3. The phone hangs quit alot for me.
  4. The best and most useful feature for me so far has been the in-notification replying(which allows you to reply to social media messages from the notification bar).
  5. The quick draw bar at the top looks sleek but when I added new items to and tried enabling it, it took a while for it actually respond to it. Let me elaborate on it, when you add more tiles to the quick settings upon clicking the newly added ones it takes a while before the click actually takes effect.
  6. Its been a horrid experience to get swipe working properly because it gets stuck every time I perform a swipe action on the keyboard.
  7. In landscape mode bringing up the applications drawer doesn’t list any of the applications.
  8. Taking pictures or sending pictures through social messaging app(especially Whatsapp) doesn’t work.

This is just a short list of things that I found out that didn’t quiet go the way I had imagined it to after 24 hours of playing with the Android N update on my Nexus 6. I will try and update this post often with more problems that I encounter with N :)

Hope this gave you a better idea of whether you want to join the bandwagon of getting a early preview of Android N :)