App based behavior(toggle modes) in focus modes

Posted on September 4, 2023

I have recently been working from starbucks to reduce the distractions during the peak hours of work.

Working from home is difficult with a baby in the house, with their toys and other items making their way through all the rooms in the house. This presents an additional source of distraction because my somewhat OCD brain would switch from working to getting my desk/the work room in place.

So I have resorted to spending some chunk of my wee hours in a Starbucks in an attempt to boost my productivity further.

I have been alternating between Sony WH1000XM5 and the airpods pro(not the 2nd gen) to isolate the noise.

One thing that I would really like to see with the Airpods is to be able to set rule based behavior on Airpods on different Focus Modes. Like, turning the airpods anc when I am in the cafe focus mode and have my music app on. When I pause music or close the app it automatically turns on transparency mode.