Apple Event

Posted on March 8, 2022

It’s been a while since I had been eagerly waiting for a tech event. I used to be enthused about Apple and Android events back in the day, by which I mean around 2011. But over the years I have become less and less excited about these events to the point that I just hop on engadget or theverge to get the roundup on what’s new, most often there isn’t anything

However, I watched the live stream of today’s Apple event in anticipation of M2 and new Mac Air. Sadly I was left diasappointed. There were a lot of rumors online suggesting a new Mac Air would be unveiled but we were left with everything but Mac Air.

None of the other annoucements from today’s event excited me, probably got a little bit of buyers remoarse on my iphone 13 pro after looking at Alpine Green. If you aren’t keeping up with this event then, Apple unveiled a new Apple Ipad Air with M1 chip, new iphone se with A15, Iphone 13 + pro-promax in Alpine Green color. The highlight was new M1 Ultra along with Mac Studio and Mac Studio display. But both of which are mostly aimed at content creators IMO.

You can watch the replay of the event at Apple’s website if you have FOMO.

I am going to wait for Apple to unveil the new Mac Air (hopefully later in the year) before I make my decsion on which Mac to get to replace my Thinkpad.