My wish list for the Apple September event

Posted on August 16, 2023

Not expecting everything on the list to be anounced during the event but hoping that they just get released silently after the event. Here is my short and sweet wishlist for the event:

  1. Macbook Air with M3 I have been putitng off replacing my Thinkpad. Since I have gotten deep into the Apple ecosystem, I am kind of now become a sucker for iCloud especially since I am now reliant on Apple’s default tools - notes, safari, reminders, airdrop. I would like to have access to these while I work on Laptop. And time has come for me replace Thinkpad with Macbook Air.

  2. A new Iphone magsafe battery An underrated accessory from what I have been reading online and expected to get a refresh hopefully during or after the event.

  3. Journal App We already konw that it is in the works and despite MacRumors noting that it isn’t expected at the time of iOS 17 release. I am still hoping against hope that they do release it post event or with ios 17 update.

  4. Beats Fit Pro 2 I have been using Airpods pro but I want to get the beats to connect to all my non Apple devices like Nintendo Switch, connecting to my office mac, PS5, Kindle paperwhite signature.

  5. New Magsafe charger If my memory serves me right, I read that there was going to be a new magsafe charger. Well would certainly like for that rumor to be true and it comes in the form of the stand that would support the Standby mode on iOS 17.