Back to Apple peripherals

Posted on June 24, 2023

In keeping with my goal towards simplicity, I am now back to using Apple Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse as my external peripheral devices.

I have long been a mechanical keyboard enthusiast. And planck has been my go to keyboard for a very long time now. But that has since changed with my return to QWERTY layout. Personally I felt I benefited from using planck with Colemak layout. It could be muscle memory on planck that I had my struggles adapting it to QWERTY. I traded the planck for Drop Alt keyboard on mechmarket but eventually ended up coming back to Apple’s magic keyboard.

Magic rekindled

The magic keyboard’s simple and clean form factor aligns with my goal of keeping things simple. It also aids in my attempt to keep my desk clutter and wire free. Having mechanical keyboard brings wires into the equation and over time the wire count creeps up.

I think the Apple magic keyboard doesn’t get enough attention due to its tight integration with Apple eco-system. The keyboard is quite ergonomic contrary to my initial impression. Largely attributed to it not being mentioned anytime the word ergonomic gets thrown into an article with keyboard. Which is unjustified.

The keys are packed closely which reduces the finger travel. The keyboard sits low meaning that the wrists don’t arch. The keyboard itself is nicely angled. All in all it is pretty ergonomic.

touch ID

I like typing less, which means I greatly appreciate the finger print for all things security(password) in Apple. I am happy having all security(password) related operations be taken care of by touch ID. I am considering buying magic keyboard with the touch ID, that is how much I like not having to enter password when I want to access 1Password on my office Mac.

Magic Mouse

By this time it is not hard to guess that I have become a big fan of all things Apple and so I also got back to using Apple Magic Mouse. Well the Magic mouse is mostly because it has guestures support. Which I heavily rely on, mostly to switch between workspaces. Yes the awkward charging is something of an oddball,but as much as people make a great deal about it, I haven’t found it to be an issue. When I compare it to my Logitech G502 where I can charge and use the mouse it does sound nice to be able to charge and use the mouse but it has hardly been a frustration point for me.And to the Magic Mouse’s credits, it charges pretty fast and lasts much longer.


I wish there was a way to have the magic keyboard and mouse connect to multiple devices(mainly my personal and office mac).

Change in perception

I used to think that I would never ever be able to get back to using a keyboard that wasn’t programmable. In the ~6 years of my planck usage I hardly ever made any modification from when I first flashed it with my custom config. And the reason is despite the ability to configure it to my hearts content, it is not something that you would be doing on a daily basis. Also now these modifications can be achieved through software like KMonad, Karabiner Elements. I bring the software for argumentative sake as I currently don’t run any kind of modification.