Apple Touchbar

Posted on December 29, 2022

I have been a pessimist about the touchbar from the time that Apple first announced it. My immediate reaction to it like many was the lack of the tactile feel on the escape key. But the hate or rather dislike stemmed from a close mindedness - I must agree.

More recently at work I received a MacBook 13 touchbar with physical escape and biometric key. And in all honesty this is my first real day to day use of Mac with touchbar and I must say my preconceived notion for touchbar has completely changed. It could be the fact that escape key is still is a physical key and that probably made all the difference for me. I used to use my wife’s MacBook which was first iteration of the touchbar Macbook pro where there were no physical keys on that row and I still hate it for the lack of physical escape key.

But now I am actually starting to appreciate the Touch Bar at least for the apps that have a good support for it. Ergo: All the default apps on MacOS.

Since I have come to become a heavy notes users it is nice to have the note related options like toggling checklist, changing paragraph style from the touchbar. reduced mouse clicks and handy when there isn’t a shortcut available for the context menu items.

Toggle-ing between tabs has also become an enjoyable experience on safari. Although that diminishes quickly the moment you have a lot of tabs(which is always in my case).

I am really getting used to the touchbar, sadly a little too late as the touchbar’s days on Apple laptops seems numbered. I would have really liked to see a lot of other apps support it and provide better integration but…

Late love for a dying feature!!! :-|