Blog roll

Posted on December 29, 2023

One of the many things I liked about blogs from the early web days is the concept of blog roll. Blog rolls has/have been my infinite scrolling for blogs and blog posts. Ensuring I never run out of things to read. It has allowed me to discover many other blogs/websites that I used to subscribe and also currently subscribe to.

In recent times, blog discoverability is something I am struggling with. Every time I stumble across a blog/website with a section dedicated to it. It evokes a feeling of joy, equivalent of the dopamine hit that people get from scrolling through social media.

What is a blog roll and how to get started.

Blog roll could be a post or a separate page in your site that contains links to blogs/sites that you subscribe to or frequent. Make the link to the page accessible for your visitors to go look up. Easy-peasy.

Think of blog roll as a blog/site recommendation page if you will. If a visitor likes your blog/site and content, as reader I would love to know what content you subscribe to. This helps in an indirect way connect with you.

It is also a means to grow the blogging community.

This post is a plea to anyone and everyone that maintains a blog/website. Similar to RSS, About page - please add a page dedicated to blog rolls.

You can check out my blog roll which I added as part of this post Blog Roll1.

  1. Added to the footer of the blog at the moment. Until I redesign this site.↩︎