Cherry Ergo Clear review

Posted on December 3, 2023

I have been typing on the cherry mx ergo clear for about 2 days now, since I assembled my green Planck rev 7. For someone coming from the cherry brown the tactile feel on the ergo clear is pronounced which also makes me feel that my fingers need to do a little bit more work pressing the keys.

In the short 2 days, I feel that for long typing sessions my hand tend fatigue faster than it did on the browns when typing on the cherry mx ergo clear.

Since I have gmk dots on both my plancks the delta has been only the switches. I say this because I was toying with the idea of getting MT3 sustwari since it had a colemak option. If I had gone with MT3 profile I would have been confused if the fatigueness was from high profile of the keycap or the switches. But now I know it surely is the switches.

The ergo clear because of its tactileness produces more sound while typing compared to typing on cherry mx brown. So my keypress generate a louder noise on the ergo clear.

I am considering giving the ergo clear more time before completely dismissing it but at the moment I still like the browns. Personally it has the right balance of everything. Not too noisy, not too tactile, not needed too much force. It has the best of everything. Just makes me appreciate the browns more. But then again switches just like the keycap profiles and keyboard is a very personal thing. If you hang out long enough on r/mechanicalkeyboard subreddit then you would see many opinions on how cherry brown is absolute worst switch ¯\(ツ)/¯. For me planck + cherry mx brown switches + cherry profile keycaps is the holy grail, YMMV!