Cricket World Cup 2023

Posted on November 16, 2023

If there was ever a Worldcup that would be a one team affair it had to be this one. Grounds that the players are so used to playing all formats of the game. And which has been ingrained playing IPL year after year.

It has been a completely one team race. All the matches that the hosts(India) have been involved in has been a resounding and completely one-sided victory. It almost seems like there isn’t a team that could match India’s strength or give them a run for their money.

Taking nothing away from the team that has worked so hard to be such a dominating force. India winning this world cup could possibly be one of the most boring victories in world-cup history. Considering India’s unbeaten record to march into the final. I would recon the final going to be a formality for them to get their hands on the cup. If there is anything that could stop team India it has to be complacency.

I haven’t been watching the matches live, time difference making it difficult for me. Being away from home has probably also dimmed down the excitement level in me. After all during this time, cricket is all that would be running on the television sets of all the households and being talked about. You kind of get forced into watching. Long post match discussions with friends and family. And reading what the sports column read the day after on the newspaper. I miss those good old days :( .