Defaults I use

Posted on November 23, 2023

The circles on the interweb that I hang in aka blogs I read, have posts that list the apps that they use as a follow up of “Duels of the Defaults”. Being a person who loves to read and discover new apps from such posts it is only fitting that I follow the trend.

I present to you the apps I use:

Email: Mail app(MacOS and iOS)

Code Editor+ Editor: VS Code/Emacs/Vim

Mail service: iCloud/Gmail/Yahoo(yes I still use it for all my coupons)


RSS reader: Reeder 5(discovered from another default list) 1

Music: Apple Music/Spotify

Video: Youtube/Quick time player

Chat: Telegram, iMessages, Whatsapp, Discord

Browser: Safari for most part, development(Google Chrome)

Bookmarks: default manager in Safari

Read Later: Instapaper, Pocket

Spreadsheets: Numbers/Google sheets

Word Processing: Pages

Presentation: Apple Keynote

Reminders/Todo: Reminders app

Podcast: Apple Podcast/pocketcasts

Password Management: Keychain access/default password manager in iOS

News: Apple News

Reading(Books): Kindle and Apple books

App Launcher: Spotlight

Git: git terminal/magit

Contact Management: Contacts

Notes: Apple Notes

Cloud Storage: Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud

Journaling: Dayone(but now waiting for Apple Journal)

Hacker News App: Octal 2

You can checkout more of such posts curated by Robb Knight here. And hoping to add this to the list.

  1. paid app in app store↩︎

  2. paid app in app store↩︎