FIFA Worlcup 2022

Posted on December 19, 2022

Worldcup is over?

I am kidding, I am not that oblivious to what is happening around me. As an ardent football follower and a Chelsea FC supporter, I wouldn’t miss such events or atleast haven’t till now.

Having said that something about this worldcup made me less enthusiatic about following let alone watching live matches. And it is not for reasons many on the interweb claim they wanted to boycott this Worldcup. My support is generally neutral but if I had to choose the order would go something like this: Germany>France>England>Argentina>Brazil>Belgium(Only because of Hazard)>USA(For Pulisic)>Portugal(For Ronaldo).

I enjoyed the upsets in the group stages which made it entertaining, but the flip side was the round of 16 became too predictable and one sided.

Worldcup in a summary for me:

The unsung heroes : Team Morocco

I am pretty sure nobody would have thought that the Moroccans would reach the semi finals. Huge Kudos to the team and manager. The team showed a lot of discipline to make it that far.

Media stealers : Japanese fans

While the Japanese team did do their country and fans proud by making it to group of 16 and providing a tough competition to Croatians. The Japaneese fans stole limelight by leaving the stadium in a much neater than it originally was or “Atarimae”. Something I am interested in incorporating into some aspect of my life.

Disappointers: Germany

Not hard to guess as they rank top in my support list and they diasappointed pretty badly.

GOAT Established: Leonel Messi.

While Messi established his G.O.A.T status with the one cup that eluded him up until now. It pretty seemed like it was meant to be a Messi fan fare WC after Argentina loosing their opening game to Saudis, for which I am happy because he deserved this worldcup and reminded me of Sachin Tendulkar’s last worldcup.Sachin Tendulkar had a similar career to Messi’s in the world of cricket but the national WC was eluding him and he finally achieved it in the last worldcup he played for India. A glorious career having a glorious ending.

Fan of Mbappe

I have found myself in admiration of Kylian Mbappe. The french and Mbappe did the impossible of coming back to level the final 3 times against Argentina. That isn’t a small feet, it takes alot of determination and focus. Not to mention you need a strong mindset.