Back to Fitbit charge 4

Posted on May 8, 2021

Some time back I made a post about using Fit 2 from Samsung and reasons why I liked it! But now I have come back to Fitbit charge 4.

What changed? It’s Samsung Health App

So the 2 reasons that I got Fit 2 were: 1. Syncing with my Samsung’s health app to track the step count. 2. Automatic workout detection.

While these are still valid for why I would still consider Fit 2. Samsung health is just terrible. Something I didn’t account for when I bought Fit 2 and before I sold my previous Charge 4. The data that the app presents aren’t at the level I want it to be.

Not only that, Fit 2(rather Samsung health app) doesn’t have support for 3rd party apps, like: SpringMove, Strava and others. Recently I want to use them for couple of reasons and there is just no way that I can sync my data with these services. Lack of enough data in the Samsung health app made me resort to 3rd party apps. The thing I miss the most is the map of the walks/ hikes that I have done. And also the active zones( which I thought I might not miss but turns out I like to see that from time to time).

The other thing is Fit 2 isn’t snappy( which becomes more apparent when you configure many apps to send notifications to it). Generally I can live with it, but it becomes a problem when I have to enable sleep mode takes a lot of swipping past the lag. The screen lightens up at all the wrong times during the night if you forget to turn it on. Sadly there is no option to configure it to turn on sleep mode through the Galaxy app to alleviate this problem.

Back to Fitbit

Fitbit is nice because primarily their service allows us to intergate with other apps/ services. I had a lot of internal battle with myself on whether I should purchase Fitbit Charge 4 again or maybe get the Fitbit Sense. For my purposes having a tracker made sense rather than a smart watch(also wanted to wait to see if Google has a compeling smart watch).

At some point I would like to display key data from Fitbit or Strava and display it on this blog. Hopefully soon enough so that I don’t lose interest in it!