Fix keybr database error in fixefox

Posted on June 2, 2018

Since my switch to Colemak I have been kind of hung up on getting better at typing faster and more accurately. Something that I never attempted while I was ignorantly typing away when I was in qwerty camp.

And in that process I periodically visit the following sites to see how I am doing:

But then there was a problem with keybr, it would show me an error every time I accessed it from firefox. I use Chrome whenever I needed to visit that site for correcting my typing.

For a long time I was thinking that it was a problem with Firefox( why not it? It works in Chrome, blame it on the browser). A strange thing that happened was when I tried accessing the same page from my office mac firefox it worked. I tried everything reinstalling firefox, claering cache and data from firefox settings. Nothing!

Today in a resolve to end this insanity of having to use another browser just because something got borked I tried various different search queries on DDG and fixed this issue.

Click me * Dont worry it isn’t a redirection to some malicious site, it is link to firefox’s support site.

Turns out clicking the Refresh button on that site fixed the problem for me.

Although I still haven’t figured out what was causing that issue. But if that happens again I might just spend time trying to investigate it.