Foldable Phones

Posted on November 9, 2023

I want to try a foldable smartphone for my next phone(most likely the Pixel Fold 2 or 3) but I probably won’t!

Why I want a foldable smart phone

Smartphones and gadgets have become part of our soul. As sad that sounds it is the truth we can’t escape.

We are surrounded by devices: phones, tablets, office laptops, personal laptops, e-readers.

Foldable smartphones present an opportunity to reduce the devices even if it is by just one. I like the idea of the smart phone opening to a 7inch tablet. It sounds odd isn’t to when I say 7inch is a tablet form factor, but that is the size the tablets start with. And now when we think of tablet we think of 10, 11, 12inch tablets.

I have been using my iPad Mini mostly for media consumption. I think having the smart phone double up as a lrage media consumption device is not that bad of an idea.

I usually hit bed with my kindle and smartphone(just for the alarm ;) ). But occasionally I do want to consume some media and that is when I feel like having the smart phone open to a bigger screen would be nice. Because I am too lazy to walk past the hallway to fetch my mini.

… But I don’t think I would get it

Keeping aside the hefty price tag there are things that would keep me from buying them.

  1. The fold crease, maybe you would get used to it over time but the short time that I used them in the shop I just couldn’t unsee it.
  2. Apps support, I fear that not all apps may not be optimized to utilize the full size. I talked about the state of android tablets in a post in past. And I am not confident it has gotten any better.

The biggest reason of all I am deep in the weeds of Apple eco-system. I rely on couple of preinstalled apps(notes, reminders, password manager mainly) that a switch to Android without a compelling option for those is near impossible. And I can tell you as of this writing there isn’t one.