Galaxy buds still for the win!

Posted on August 29, 2021

I am still rocking Galaxy’s original buds

Not that anyone is keeping a count or care enough but still. After my previous blog post on review of Sony WF-1000XM4. My quest for finding a good pair of TWS Earbuds continued.

It took me on an interesting journey! Since then I have bought and returned quiet a few wireless earbuds.

Marshall Mode II

The marhsall mode -ii in my opinion are the most comfortable earbuds I have tried. They are light and fit my ears really well. They diddn’t protrude as much as any of the other earbuds I tried. But price point and sound quality (not comparing to Sony buds but rather with my galaxy buds) left me a lot desired out of it.

Samsung Galaxy Buds pro

Touted by all reviewers to be the best all rounder I got these and had high expectation for it! After all not every reviewer out there can go wrong! or can they?

My reference point for ANC when using Buds pro was Sony XF4 and these certainly didn’t live up to them. To my untunned non audiophile ears I couldn’t tell much of a difference when it came to listening on the buds pro vs my original galaxy buds that came free during my pre-order of Samsung S10+.

In terms of comfort also I couldn’t really find an appreciation for buds pro when compared to the original buds.

So I didn’t really feel like keeping the buds pro and returned them as well.

Shure AONIC 215

I liked IEMs for some odd reason, my guess probably the tight seal that I get from them and also they fit snuggly in my ears. I got the AONIC215 because SE-215 seemed like the go to when it comes to entry level IEMs. While I got the seal and comfort I was looking for, the shure TW1 adapter was just disappointing on many levels to say the least. It kept dropping packets constantly, I couldn’t hear a song on my laptop without the stutter. Also If I lied down on my side in the bed then the connection would just completely go dead. Not to mention the design which looks like a hearing aid. It didn’t bother me much because my intended use was inside the house either connected to my laptop or phone.

Airpods Pro

I finally caved in and tried my wife’s air pods pro, because she kept saying how amazing they were. Only reason why I didn’t/don’t consider them is because I don’t like being tied to an eco system. Airpods and any Apple product for that matter as good as they maybe, I feel you get the best experience if you are tightly tied into their eco system. But I am digressing. The Airpods were great but going back to getting the best experience you need to using Apple products( maybe when if I make switch to Apple) I will surely get these. But for now I am going back to my trusted old Galaxy buds.

Quest continues

My quest for finding a good TWS earbuds continues… But for now I am happy with Galaxy buds. Recently I disconnected them from my phone and connected them to my laptop running Archlinux and am quite happy consuming my content on these earbuds!

Maybe in the coming weeks or months might give earbuds from Google, Nothing a try and maybe even Samsung’s buds 2 and see if I can find a replacement in them if not will wait to see if Samsung comes up with Livebuds 2 or Buds pro 2 too see if any of them would make me want to switch away from my current galaxy buds.