Ghost of Tsushima

Posted on April 16, 2023

Being a new father doesn’t afford you a lot of free time. And even if you did, you want to absorb the cuteness of the little one that you don’t feel like doing anything else. And so over the last year and a half I haven’t emabarged on playing any story mode games for the same reason. And needless to say that my PS5 has been nothing more than a show piece in the living room.

But over the last couple of weeks I have been able to squeeze 63h into Ghost of Tsushima in medium difficutly and completed 83%. I have spoiler alert killed Khotun Khan and completed the main story line. I have also completed all the tales in Tsushima( Yuna, Ishikawa, Masako, Norio, Kenji).

I really enjoyed playing Ghost of Tsushima and was hoping to get my first Platinum by completing this game to 100%. But I am a point where I think having finished the main story line, auxilary tales in Iki island and Tushima and also liberating the all the land from the Mongols it is getting a bit mundane. The games grip is lost on me. I might now take a break from this game to achieve my platinum trophy.

Ghost Of Tsushima has great visuals, a decent story line and combat mechanics. Although I shouldn’t be the one to talk about it since my combat was mostly focused on the stances + sword + stealth. I didn’t really depend too much on the kunai, smoke bombs, chimes. And occassionally only used the bow to bring down the enemies.