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Posted on February 21, 2022

I am still using Kindle paper white (7th edition). I consider kindle to be one of the best tech investments I have made. One of the main reasons is that it got me into the habit of reading. For that reason alone I say it is the best investment.

But beyond that the kindle is actually the greatest piece of tech. It is light, small and very comfortable to read books be it day or night, indoor or outdoor, thanks to my introduction to paperwhite with LED lights. Now I don’t have an astonishingly big number of books that I read but considering that I was never a book reader, the small number of books I read and am reading is a huge win for me. Even if I am doing only like 12 books a year at the moment, I happy because the Kindle paper white got me into the book reading habit. Something I always wanted to do but was never really good at during my childhood.

It has been my reading companion for almost 5 years now. I don’t think I would have ever read as many books as I have if not for the Kindle. I have from time to time thought about upgrading it but personally, none of the newer versions warranted a need for me to upgrade. Especially since I still haven’t got around the idea of audio books. I was interested in the kindle oasis but the price tag on that one constantly kept me away from upgrading to it.

Recently I was browsing through Amazon’s Kindle catalog to see if it is time to upgrade, and the answer I would say isn’t an astounding YES but over the years I do find that the my kindle has started to slow down a bit. But the slowness isn’t too apparent during my reading sessions, and noticable only when I have to navigate through its interface. Again, it hasn’t gone to the point where the slowness gets to you. I can totally live with the current level of slowness.

But one thing is I have almost reached the 8G limit on my Kindle paperwhite. Probably because I have way too many books in a half read state, which I am not willing to delete until I am done reading. If I can get a little bit more organized about the books I start and don’t finish then I think I can free up space. At which point the space might not be that big of an issue.

The new paper white sports a bigger screen, more LEDS, water proof, a warm light mode which is similar to what you find on the smart phones these days which makes the screen more orange, blocking out the blue light which is said to interfere with your sleep. I am not disproving that theory but the blue light hasn’t been an issue for my sleep. But I am not opposed to having that feature. But the unfortunate thing is it still comes with 8G fo space to hold the books/audio books. And a bump up from that is the paper white signature edition which comes with 32G and wireless charging. And to get that you have to pay 50$ more. Since the kindle lasts a long time for me, charging hasn’t been an issue for me. I have been pretty good about keeping my Kindle in charge, so opening my kindle to realize it has no charge when I sit down to read hasn’t been an issue.

I am tempted to get the Signature but paying 50$ for features that I think I wouldn’t use seems like a financially bad decision. Also I wouldn’t have minded that cost had the signature included the wireless charing which would set me another 35.Whichmeansthatthesignaturewouldbe85 more than regular PW. I wish they had a 32G which was only a fraction more than the default paperwhite but that isn’t the case so I am little conflicted at the moment. In sometime I am hoping to get the new paperwhite, when I make post about that we will find out which one I finally decided upon.

That said, right now there is an offer where Amazon is paying $25 for my 7th generation PW, and additional 20% would be applied on the new Kindle upon successful trade-in. Truth be told this is probably the 2nd main reason why for me to upgrade my PW.

Link to trade-in 1

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