move to Linode

Posted on February 17, 2017

Moved to Linode

After nearly 2 years of hosting this website on DigitalOcean I have now moved it to Linode.

There isn’t a particular reason for why I moved to Linode except that I have 4 months worth of hosting credits unused. Also I wanted to try Linode for a while now.

The migration took me roughly 2 hours, to get my server completely transitioned to Linode.

The Experience:

Having used DigitalOcean’s simple controls, Linodes management page was less intuitive compared to that. However the tutorials on Linodes documentation page made up for the lack of an intuitive management page.

Linode provides more RAM for the same cost compared to Digital Ocean, for the purpose of hosting this site not much of an advantage but if you are looking to host multiple apps might not hurt to have the extra RAM.


Recently Linode introduced a new plan where in you pay $5 for 20GB SDD and 1GB ram much akin to that of Digital Ocean’s plan but with more compared to DO. Something I was pondering on before I left Digital Ocean because at that time Linode didn’t have this plan and the current plan ($10 for 2GB RAM and 30GB HDD) was over kill considering that I am using it only for hosting this website and blog.

But I decided to move to Linode anyway because DO didn’t allow me to downgrade my plan without having to start a new droplet.

I thought I wouldn’t be able to downgrade to the $5 but to my surprise I was and that kind of made me happy that I switched to Linode. And downgrading was fairly simple too. All I had to do was turn of my instance resize my harddisk and change the plan. As simple as that!

I think this one of the places where Linode has the edge above DO because apart from this I really can’t tell the difference. Choose either of the hosting service and you would be a happy customer IMO.