nexus5x review

Posted on May 9, 2016

Soon after I enrolled into the Android N beta program I realized that I shouldn’t have ignored the fine print on the enrollment page that warned users not to enroll if they were going to enroll using the primary device, but I did anyway with my Nexus 6.

Unfortunately I couldn’t revert back to the older Android version because this time it warned that it would wipe out all the data. I wasn’t going to be that stupid to make 2 mistakes back to back or so you would think. I instead went and ordered myself a Nexus 5x. YAY! It was selling for $199(for Google Fi subscribers)

I thought I would regret the decision of having bought a new device just because I wanted to experiment and play with Android N but then that was my rationale for getting a Nexus device in first place. The ability to actually play around with and experience the cutting edge when it gets released as opposed to waiting for months in agony to get a definitive date on when I will receive the OTA update.

Anyways, soon after I got the device the one thing I noticed and liked a lot was the finger print sensor. When I first heard about this in the news I was a bit skeptical about whether it was the right decision becasue up until this point we have kind of had our heads wrapped around the idea of using our thumb for unlocking the device(with Iphone and the Galaxy devices). But the moment I received the phone I just loved the position where the finger print sensor was, it is very practical and useful location to be in(atleast in my opinion). Also the finger print sensor works very well for me. I can’t remember the last time I used my pattern to unlock my device. And I miss it very much every time I decide to play around with Android on my Nexus 6.

Another thing I like about the 5x is the form factor, it is 5.2 inch display which feels so nice on the hand compared to my Nexus 6.

On the down side, coming from Nexus 6 on this device the screen wasn’t all too good. The blacks don’t show up that well on the phone which has me wanting to go back to my Nexus 6. Another thing is the storage, I opted for the 16gb because I already have a 64gb Nexus 6 and also I didn’t want to spend to much money. Seriously though why do people still make 16GB phones? I have a bear minimum number of apps and I am already out of space! (NOT COOL MOBILE PHONE MANUFACTURERS).

I don’t really do too much gaming or compute intensive things on the phone, and so far I have never really felt that the phone to be weak or not capable even enough to do a task. It has been pretty smooth for me in the 1 month that I have had this device for. Watching videos on youtube, listening to spotify, occasional photo editing on snapseed all have been pretty smooth without anykind of hang or lag.

Another aspect that most people use their mobiles are selfies and taking pictures while I did take pics on my Nexus 6 thanks to the limited storage I don’t take pics with this phone but for my needs the image quality is pretty decent. As for the part of taking good pictures I have a Canon 70D which I bought to pursue my photography hobby and is my main vehicle to achieve that.