Planck Rev 7

Posted on November 27, 2023

I decided to get another planck for work. I got the planck for $99 during the thanksgiving from drop. Opted to go with the green base. I was contemplating between green, black and polycarbonate but finally decided to go with green.

For the first time I am giving another switch type a go, I got the cherry mx ergo clear. This decision came about after I read a lot of posts online about how Cherry MX ergo clear is what Cherry browns should have been. So I decided I would give it a try. I got the cherry mx ergo clear from DiviniKeys but turns out I could have gotten for cheaper from NovelKeys.

For keycaps, sadly there aren’t too many readily available colevrak options from GMK(cherry profile keycaps). I was entertaining the idea of getting MT3 Sustwari from drop but in the past I found the height of SA a little uncomfortable for sustained typing. And MT3 is only slightly lower in height. I finally settled for GMK dots which luckily enough I found someone selling BNIB base+rainbow(white).

I am still waiting on the planck and keycaps to be delivered. Hopefully by end of this week would have my newly assembled planck ready to type on. I am looking forward to typing on ergo clear.