Postality - low post rate

Posted on July 27, 2018

I have been looking at my blog and have been wondering why I don’t have too many posts. After putting in some thought, I came up with possible explanations:

Move to static site generators

So I have been having this blog for quite sometime and looking back at it, there aren’t a lot of posts! I am starting to wonder if the choice to use static site generator (hugo) was the right thing? Come to think about it static site generators aren’t as easy as say using CMS like Wordpress.

It is laborious, if I want to add an image I have to copy the file and put into the images folder. Let’s face it is a lot easier to just drag and drop an image into wordpress.

Well what made me come to this realization is,I used to regularly blog on wordpress and Opera(which unfortunately no longer exist). If my memory serves me right I had about 300+ posts in 2 years(2008-2010). I used to blog about all sorts of random stuff. Ranging from my Linux journey and debugging issues on it to Chelsea Football Club match reviews to all sorts of randomness.

Too many social platforms

Instagram, 500px, Twitter, Mastodon. The shorter form of communication seems to be curbing the desire to write longer posts.

Can I communicate in 140 words or less seems to be the theme :P

Writer’s block?

Could partly be the reason because everything I think about blogging, a quick Google search would yield a result that more less covers what I wanted to say. I have this inner voice preventing me from being the 101st person to repeat the same thing. Despite the inter-web being filled with repetitive content.

Fear of being judged

Something I noticed more recently! I have to admit ever since I got this domain and setup the blog, I have been a bit scared and critical about my writing skills. Back when I was blogging on wordpress/opera. I was just this annonymous figure, I didn’t care much about what people might think about my blog/writing. Now that I have this domain, all roads lead back to my real identity.

Hopefully I can change that!

Now that I have jotted down some of reasons for the posatility( a word I just made up to mean decline in posting rate kind of like mortality, ignore it!), I think I will figure out the next steps in bringing this blog back to life :)