Preonic keyboard review

Posted on December 23, 2020

In my previous post Planck Constant I talked about how planck was go to keyboard.

While writing that post I had a small itch, that I didn’t get a chance to try out preonic. And so I got one from /r/mechmarket.


It came with Kaihua Halo True switches, had an orange case and under glow led lighting(Not per key).

I tried if for few hours and in that time I didn’t use the number row as much as I thought I would. Posibly because at this point I am so used to 40% and the layers in planck that I didn’t find a need to stretch out my fingers to reach the number row.

Also I am not a fan of the Kiahua Halo True switches, it is a heavy switch in the sense the actuation force is 65g where as on my cherry brown it is 45g. I could feel my touch becoming heavy on the Halo true switches and it tired my fingers out rather quickly.

So my keyboard of choice still remains Planck/Planck-EZ(only for the per key RGB). If you are looking for a fully built preonic(in pretty much mint condition) I am selling these. /r/mechmarket PREONIC Rev3

If I can’t sell these maybe I might turn it into an experiment board to tryout rotarty encoder on it and throw in Cherry MX brown switches to suit my fingers.

Merry Christmas!