I have read 3 books so far!!!

Posted on June 15, 2019

For many years now, I have had an item on my new year resolution list among others that I never got to check off.

“Read x books this year”

When I first added “Reading x books this year” to my list of New Year resolutions list, x was 12. I thought I was awesome enough that I could read one book a month. To someone who hasn’t read books at all that number is pretty unrealistic. What was I thinking?

Year after year I kept it on my resolution list but just reducing the number by one(again “What was I thinking?”) Reducing by just one??? when I didn’t even pick up a single book in any of those years. I know I should have started off with one, maybe I would have managed to strike that off the list.

This year turned out to be different, I managed to read 3 books so far. And even though this year I didn’t officially have a resolution list, I was telling myself that it would be nice if I could read 6 books this year. This is the place where I still don’t know why I chose 6 when in all honesty 1 book should have been my realistic number, given all past success ;).

Coming back to the three books that I completed so far.

  1. One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results by Keller, Gary.
  2. Know Your Worth: Stop Thinking, Start Doing by Sondhi, N.K
  3. Starship’s Mage: Omnibus by Stewart Glynn

I have enjoyed all these books and would highly recommend it if you haven’t read them already.

What bought about this sudden change you ask? Well I attribute alot of this to the fact that my work is now in SF and my commute is little more than a hour in CalTrain. While I initally dreaded the thought of spending ~3 hours on commute. Reading books on my kindle during the commute has now become something that I look forward to!

I now enjoy the hour+ long ride, as it is now the dedicated time for reading books. The first few days it was hard to get myself to concentrate because lets face it why read boks when you spend that time browse reddit, catch up on the instagram stories, tweet about how awful the coverage is in Caltrain on twitter?

I am currently reading “The 5 Elements to Effective Thinking” the fourth book. And hopefully haven’t jinxed it but am looking strong towards my unofficial goal of reading 6 books this year :D

Hopefully will do a review of these books sometime.

Happy Reading!