Smart watches kills regular watches

Posted on November 16, 2023

Smart Watches have killed regular watches

The smart watch(Apple watch) has killed my enthusiasm for regular watches.

Earlier in the day I saw an ad from Maven watches and it looked really nice too. From a young age I have drawn fascination to wearing/owning different watches.

I have wrestled and thrown tantrums to my parents to get various kinds of watches during my childhood. Ranging from calculator watches, glow in the dark watches, many watch face changing watches (turtles, GI joe, Mickey mouse) to just simplet ones.

Even in the recent past I have worn MVMT, Fossil watches which were simple and stylish even when I had along side then Galaxy Frontier watch 3.

But that has all changed more recently, I don’t if it is the invest/spend wisely person in me preventing me from acting on my likes or if I find the Apple watch satisfyingly stylish that I don’t find the need to buy another watch. I look at watches I get tempted and within few minutes the urge to buy goes away.

It is mostly attributed to the fact that I am unable to come to grips with spending a good chunk of a smart watch cost on a simple watch anymore. I agree it isn’t an Apples to apples comparison ;). I think the frugal in me just can’t come to grips with spending that kind of money on a simple watch any more. To make matters worse, replacing batteries on these watches for which I don’t currently have the tools is a costly affair.