Oh Starbucks!

Posted on May 6, 2023

Ever since Starbucks decided to make 2% milk the default. Placing orders at the counter has been quite an ordeal for me.

And this is probably because i am picky about my drink. I want my drinks to be made with whole milk. This creates quite a bit of confusion ever time I order a drink.

I walk in request my latte drink to be made “with whole milk”. In about 20% of the cases I end up getting my drink made with oat milk facepalm.

There are 2 issues I have with this, 1. Every time it gets made with Oat and I request it be remade with Whole milk, I feel guilty of wasting a drink.(I have been remedying this by proactively confirming that it is whole milk and not oat mik) 2. I just hate it when my anticipation for my coffee gets thrown with the first sip of oat milk latte.

But the good thing is that Starbucks has never refused remaking the drink to get my order right. Hurray to Starbucks and its staff for that.