Streaks app

Posted on December 25, 2023

The move to journal app, prompted me to look for habit tracker app. To track my journaling streak and also to keep me on course to jounrnaling on a daily basis.

I started with Habit app. I got the pro version but somehow the app just didn’t click for me.

Soon after I discovered Streaks, which instantly clicked for its simplicity and I really liked its minimalism.

You create tasks/habits and can assign how long or for how many times in a day you want it to repeat. You can a set time when you wanted to be reminded about a habit/task. Pretty much standard features that you would come to expect from a habit tracker app.

With the minimalism, intuitiveness takes a hit

Once you add a task it appears as an icon on the app and long clicking would mark the habit as completed. And this is where it also gets a little complicated. While it is easy to create and track tasks. Anything beyond that required a bit of exploration.

Clicking on the habit/task icon would toggle through various information cards. Long pressing would open a more detailed view of the particular card.

You mark a task as done by long pressing on the task icon, the natural assumption would be long pressing again would undo that action but that isn’t the case. If you need to undo, you would have to navigate to the calendar view and then uncheck the date that you want to undo.

Once you have add task(s), the “Add A Task” no longer appears. To add new tasks, you would need to click on the settings icon at the bottom left first. That will show the settings for the tasks and also display the “Add A Task” icon. Once the settings button is enabled you would need to click on the 3 dots which would bring up the settings page for the task. This is where you can rename the task, change the behavior of streak, specify the task days, and settings for the task. 1

Currently I am only tracking a few habits but it looks like there is a limitation on maximum tasks that you can track in this app which is 24 spread across 4 pages(each page containing a max of 6 tasks). Hopefully in a future update the app gains the ability to add how many ever pages/tasks the user so wishes. But at the moment if that number puts you off then you should steer clear from using this app.

Despite the lack of intuitiveness, it is the best2 habit tracker.

  1. This information is available in the help page located in the settings bar.↩︎

  2. This information is available in the help page located in the settings bar.↩︎