Structured app

Posted on January 21, 2024

For a short period of time before the start of the new year, I was on the hunt for an app that would help me gain insight into how I spent my day. I stumbled upon Structured app. The app made me instantly like it with its UI. The app shows you timeline view of the day. You can add events/tasks(import from calendar and reminders as well) and get reminded about them. The short time I was using the app, instead of using it as a planner I was kind of using it as a logger for how I spent my time.

Things that I liked about the structured app:

  1. Focus mode: If you have a task/event to work on, you can activate focus mode which covers the screen with the event and time remaining on that task/event. There is also live activity for it. I found that it the focus screen helps a little bit from being distracted and gets your thought back in the task/event. After using this feature I kind wish that it would be available as a feature in the default calendar app.
  2. Ability to check off the events. This is a nice touch if you want to quickly look at the day and see which of the events you ticked off and which ones you didn’t to better plan the next time around.
  3. A stream line view of the events for the day. It reminded me of “Path” app which has a very similar timeline view for the places you visited.
  4. Subtasks in events.

But having said that I came back to using my default trio( Calendar+Notes+Reminders) as I was using the app as a time logger which is not the intended purpose for the app. And that turned out to be a bit of time drain for me to log the tasks that I had completed or wanted to keep track of (obviously duh it is a planner not a logger app). Also I was able to achieve the logging my time in calendar making use of shortcuts. Which was actually quicker.