Posted on August 6, 2023

The fireworks on threads has started to fizzle out but that is probably old news by now.

It was great engineering feat to make the sign up flow easy and to be able to create a profile seamlessly taking the data from instagram onto threads. This is great as it eliminates the signup inertia but beyond that threads still couldn’t win over!

It still has remnants from instagram. The layout, the design, pretty much everything about threads screams instagram.

From time to time I have been opening threads app, but it still doesn’t feel like a microblogging platform that could dethrone Twitter or should I say X. And probably because its the users from instagram that are in threads. The users are posting the same content/post in both the places. And that is going back to my point that it lacks the clear purpose. It literally is instagram reversed and what I mean by that is in instagram the posts have images and then text for that image where as threads it is the text and then image.

In a now crowded microblogging space of Twitter(sorry X), Bluesky, mastodon and its many federated servers, Threads seems to suffer from an identity crisis. Atleast for me I don’t know where I would fit threads in my social networks world. I use instagram to store/share images, Twitter(X,X,ahhhh… I just can’t wrap my head around calling it X) for microblogging, this blog for blogging, facebook to connect with friends, linkedin for professional connections, reddit for community related stuff(r/mechmarket, r/mechanicalkeyboard, r/chelsea, r/soccer, r/finance..etc.), 500px for photos that come out of my DSLR, keybase for secure file transfer.

I am just going to have threads installed to see where it takes me and how far, but I feel in few months time there would come a time when I just decide to give up on it and remove it from my iphone.