Weekly Post #2

Posted on January 11, 2024

Clash of Clans

The only mobile game that I have been playing kind of on a semi-regular basis. I started in 2016 and am still playing it( I said semi-regular because in this period there have been times where I have tried to quit/stop playing for many months). I have an account which I rushed, currently at TH15 and trying to max all the buildings, spells, heroes, pets and attack units(controlling my urge to upgrade to TH16) and another which is at TH10 but am maxing out the base before upgrading.

Some tips for new and experienced players alike:

  • Seek for good clans- the times that I dropped out from playing was when I was in an inactive clan or less motivated clan
  • If you have just one account, max TH before upgrading
  • Watch replays and follow some good youtube channels for attack strategies and setting up base.
  • Bonus: if you have a leader/co-leader or clan members who give feedback on your attacks on CWL and Wars you will learn way more.

Faster way to capture ideas

A shower thought entered and left my mind about which I wanted to write in this weekly post(now I have lost that thought). This has got me thinking on how to best capture such thoughts without losing them. I use the quick note feature whenever I am on ipad or iphone. I have it on the control center but when I don’t have a device nearby I am wondering if I should have an analog device(notepad) or if I could benefit from one of those e-ink devices(remarkable 2 or Kindle Scribe).

Interactive widgets

While I love interactive widgets I do wish there was a way to turn it off. Particularly because I have reminders widget on the today view and accidental touches mark the tasks done(very annoying). Which is starting to get kind of annoying. Wish there was a way to say which widgets I wanted interactivity for and which I just want to view on click open the app.

Cherry MX2A switches

Cherry released successor to my favorite cherry line with release of MX2A. I have been torn based on online reviews on whether I want to spend money to replace my plancks’ existing switches with cherry mx2a browns. I am happy with the browns. It is just the “new” label that is tempting me.

Shortcuts in IOS

Shortcuts in IOS are really powerful and great for automating a lot of things. If you are not leveraging or haven’t used them then I highly recommend spending some time with it. I am getting heavily dependent on them (will soon post the shortcuts I am using/created)

TIL(weekly edition)


git branch —show-current

It is a bit embarrassing that I used to do git branch | grep \*

While there is nothing wrong with it, the git command is clean and better from scripting stand point.

How to reset the hidden suggestions

Another annoyance of the siri/search is accidentally swiping to suggest less when you are think it will just clear that search.

But there is a way to reset it: Search siri and you will get “Siri & search” option. Scroll down and you should see “Reset Hidden Suggestions” doing that will bring back before search suggestions.

Using vars()

A simple google search would yield this result for you. Having been programming in python for long period, I would think I should have known this method without having the need to google it.

If you want to print the attributes of an object then this is the go to method.

Favorite Font

I never really realized up until now that I have actually been using this font for close to a decade now. Mostly been using it in terminal but now I am using it in emacs, vscode and other places as well 1.

Iosevka(Term) Medium, size 14

Internet Map

  1. With this post I have changed the website’s font to use Iosevka as well↩︎