Weekly Post #21

Posted on May 23, 2024


MeetingBar fills a niche need that I have. I like to know the current meeting/timeblock/event in my calendar. The default calendar widget on the iOS and MacOS only shows the next event. Meeting fills my need perfectly. It sits nicely on the menubar shows the current event and how time is left in it. If there is no event/timeblock it shows how much time is left for the next event.

As someone who is trying to get into timeblocking this app is just amazing. I just wish there was an iOS version for this app 1

Google’s Coachella ad

I kind of have a mixed views about AI. As I am starting to replace Google with ChatGPT,I still reserve my healthy skeptism while doing so.

In that regard this ad while it is really cool, doesn’t really sit with me. Here is why:

As a photographer/creative, the joy of capturing the right picture at the right time is an estatic feeling. Now knowing that I couldn’t capture is part of the creative’s journey and that is what keeps me going in this journey, because there is always a next time!

Impurity in the right place is quality.

Having an AI correct what could have been a perfect shot, while at the face of might look good but my mind would refuse to accept it. Because deep down the picture would stare right at the face that it was a missed opportunity and that the photo isn’t real.

There are couple of wrong messages been sent out in this ad. 1. Visiting a place for the social acceptance. 2. Getting AI to craft a pic that isn’t real. This moots the ad in the first place because with power of AI powered you don’t need to be in the coachella, but I digress.

I am not a pessimist or against AI, but I have certain aspects of my life where I am happy to involve AI. More on this topic in a later post.

Through the lens

Vegetables(Okra and Beans) blooming from the vegetable garden carefully cared for by my wife :) alt text alt text

Internet Heat map

  1. Maybe there is but I haven’t gone hunting the app store for it yet.↩︎