Weekly Post #22

Posted on May 23, 2024


I have started using typora as my tool of choice for markdown. The app is simple and clean which was kind of the reason it won me over. The one thing I realized after paying $15 for this app was that there isn’t a way to create a template for the YAML front matter for my hakyll posts. 1 It would also been great if there was an iPad and an iOS app.

Capturing my thoughts for weekly posts

Past several weeks I have been having thoughts and ideas for what to put in the weekly posts, only for them to evaporate before I could capture them somewhere.

The problem is my thoughts come when I am using my work laptop and by the time I could context switch into using my phone it is swoosh gone! I was for a while thinking I would use notion but it feels too complicated for this usecase. I think simplenote would be the best solution. Simple, cloud account, and support for markdown which would mean that a copy paste is all it would take. Let’s see how this pans out over the course of next week.

New ipads

Apple’s line up of ipads is interesting. There is iPad pro, air and just the regular iPad. But no refresh to the minis. As someone who loves mini I would love to see M4 with the new display on the mini but I am pretty sure that won’t happen.

Apple silicon packs a lot of power, and mini’s form factor wouldn’t quite be able to do justice. A simple example, stage manager. There isn’t much point having stage manager on a 8inch tablet.

I had a short look at the new display at costco and it was gorgeous. But for the price I would certainly consider the iPad pro 11inch 1TB variant with Nano-texture glass display.

Article 370

A really well taken documentary movie ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5. The scenes were succint without too much dramatization while still delivery the apt amount of suspense.

Firefox is finally getting tab groups 🎉

A little to late in the game but I am interested to see Firefox’s implementation of tab groups. Since moving to Apple eco-system2, I am pretty much happy Safari user. I don’t think I would change my default anytime soon. The ecosystem has got me pretty good. But as someone who used to be a staunch advocate of Firefox I am excited for this feature.

Through the lens

egg plant flower

  1. Need to find a workaround for this.↩︎

  2. I have developed a bias towards using default Apple apps because I can have it be synced to all my devices without thinking too much about it.↩︎