Weekly Post #23

Posted on June 9, 2024

Apple Passwords

Finally passwords would be moved out of settings into it’s own standalone app1. Coincidentally I was just thinking to myself that about this because I there seems to be a bug in settings app. When I sometimes search for passwords, it just wouldn’t show the passwords. I would have to close and open the app or I have to manually scroll the settings menu.

Reminders app improvements I am hoping to see in the next iOS update.

There are a couple of things that I would like to see:

  • Open subtasks in a new view, treat as a task of its own.
  • Show subtasks in today view.
  • Ability to clone tasks/reminders.
  • Skip reminders/mark is not done.
  • Fix a bug in reminders where when adding substasks from a notes view if you mark as complete/incomplete it doesn’t reflected right away in the UI(Filed a bug report for it).

Squad Busters

I started playing squad busters - a new game from super cell. I caved in! For those playing any of the other games from super cell a baner was presented in the games I am assuming2 to join and play as as early peek into the game. I ditched the prelaunch but caved in after it got released just to try out.

The game is a quick in an out if you don’t like to wait for constructing /upgrading buildings or troops which feels like it is taking forever3. But much like every other game that is out there if you are willing to pay for pass or get gold or gems you can get better troops, level up and progress much faster. Having spent a lot of my actual money on Clash of Clans I am deciding to not spend on this one yet.

It is a battle royale style game where you compete against 9 other players online to collect maximum gems. You open chests in-game trading coins which gives you random hero that you have unlocked to choose from. You can combine 3 heroes of a type to make a stronger version of them. You unlock chests by trading gold which are scattered through out the map in tiny amounts or by destroying boxes and attacking units in the map.

Which brings us to, maps. There are different maps and each having their own units and layouts. The map attacking units range from weak skeletons to bowlers/robots to boss like dragons/boulders. There is also an incentive which is at the center of the map from gem loots to boss characters which gives a lot of gems. Another way to get gems is eliminating your foes to take the gems they collected up until that point.

There is more dynamics to this game than what I just went through but this is where I am at with 3 days of playing this game. But I got pretty hooked onto it.

Back to full size keyboard

Life comes around in circle.

I am using Apple’s full size magic keyboard with touch id and numeric keypad. My keyboarding journey has prerty much been tryiing to reduce the keyboard size to have just the right number of keys for my day to day 4.

Strange how I am now back to using a full size keyboard. Still trying to get used to moving my hand further to reach my mouse. The one major inconvenience of the full size keyboard. Ofcourse there is the aspect of ergonomics which I am not concerned yet because I haven’t been experiencing any discomfort knocks wood.

Although as a programmer the ten key is kind of useless. I only every find use for it if I force myself into using it. The one thing though I like is the F13,F14,F15 which by default doesn’t do anything but I have it mapped to open the notification side bar. Literally is the only nice thing I like about the full size A.T.M. I might switch to the smaller magic keyboard, we’ll see.

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  1. Apple Passwords↩︎

  2. Atleast I was seeing it in clash of clans↩︎

  3. It actually does, you have to wait 11 days for certain troop upgrades.↩︎

  4. And I determined that to be 40% planck↩︎