Weekly Post #24

Posted on June 14, 2024

WWDC 2024

I tuned into WWDC live stream earlier this week and if you follow my weekly posts then you know what got me most excited.

drum rolls

It is the reminders integration in calendars app :D. This is one of the features that keeps me wanting to try other todo/calendar apps from time to time. If not for anything else I am very much excited to see the implementation of this integration.

Other things that I am looking forward to:

  • iOS customization - took long enough and I am excited to see how the theming would work. But right out of the box I think I would just be happy with the dark mode icons :)
  • Categorization in mail - another app that is indispensible for me. And I really like they are now bringing categorizations. At the moment it is limited to the default that they decide but I am hoping in a future realize they would give users the ability to categorize they want :crossed_fingers:
  • Journal App - I talked about it my blog posts what I thought should have made the cut in the initial app. But nice to see that they are bringing search, streaks and insights in journal. Time to get back to journalling regularly
  • Notes is getting collapsible sections, image wand, colors/hightlights. And a cool feature is smart script its ability to solve equations.
  • Safari highlights - which shows the most important information from the webiste like phone number, address.
  • Reader in safari gets AI which shows summary of the page and table of contents.
  • MacOS finally gets window snapping. :D
  • Genmoji
  • Image Playground
  • Clean up tool which allows to remove photo bombs in the background of the almost perfect image.
  • Passwords is going into a standalone app.
  • Locked/hidden apps
  • iPhone mirroring
  • iPhone notifcations on macos Sequoia :)
  • Apple Intelligence

To upgrade or no?


I want to install the beta only to check out the calendar/remider integration :)

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