Weekly Post #3

Posted on January 20, 2024

It is freezing cold…

Cold mornings are kryptonite to productivity. It just makes it that much more harder to get out of bed, I don’t want to leave the warmth my body created over the 8 hour sleep period. And thwarts the efforts of waking up early to get more productive. Because the moment I try to pull my self out from the blanket it attracts me right back(like a nail to a magnet, thankfully though my routine helps demagnetize).

Eagerly Waiting for the M3 line up of Macbook Air

I think I might finally replace my 6 year old Thinkpad with soon to come M3 Macbook air. The base of the M3 might come with 12G ram instead of 8, although I might opt for upgraded memory and storage. I am also tempted to get the mac studio but currently can’t think of a workload to justify the purchase.

It is arguable that I can’t justify replacing the Thinkpad to begin with, since it is still going strong but it is the last piece to surrendering into the Apple eco-system.

Mercedes EQS drives like a ship

I recently test drove the EQS and it was just amazing.The feel and comfort on the EQS was amazing. Although i haven’t driven a lot of cars but at the moment the comfort of this car is something i haven’t experienced so far in any of the cars i have traveled in. I say it drives like a ship because it gave me a floating feeling when driving.

Origin of my pseudonym(also my website name)

Aren’t most pseudonyms kind of random. Well no surprise mine too is pretty random. It is a weird amalgamation of “ark”+monad+monoid. I wanted to have ark at the beginnig because I want to learn haskell I chose monad+monoid. And mashed it up in a way to form arkoinad. :)

Layoffs continue…

I was hoping for a better 2024 but the start to it is nowhere near what I hoped. Every time there is news of a big tech layoff it seems to start a ripple. Soon after there are a bunch of other companies that follow suit and announce reduction.

Since the economics of this isn’t as straightforward as it seems, despite the company you are in or the project or the position you are in. It unsettles you at some level. Causes panic and sends your thoughts down the south pole.

This gets amplified if you are in an non-immigrant work visa. Hoping that things improve as the year progresses.

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