Weekly Post #4

Posted on January 27, 2024

Should I get medium subscription?

I enjoy content on medium from time to time. It seems like a much better alternative to the endless scrolling on tiktok or instagram(which for the record I do only occassionally).

I am conflicted, I feel like there might not be enough content or atlest content I would like to subscribe to that would justify the membership.

Not to mention there are a hell lot of click-baity articles, which has no justification for being behind a paywall. I would go to the extent of saying that some of the articles(technical related) are copied from a different source(which is freely available) and put it behind the paywall.

Articles behind paywalls!

Don’t you just hate it when people start out being this generous and selfless person trying to help other people on the internet, until they become popular! just to turn all their posts behind the paywall.

Now I am not against it per say. But why put the posts that were once free behind paywall? Fine you have become popular and you have an increased sense of ego coming off your popularity. Doesn’t mean that the suddenly the posts that got you your popularity has to be blocked behind the paywall.

For those who are in this boat, a small request leave the posts that were originally free the way they are. This gives opportunity for the new readers who just stumbled upon your blog/newsletter to get a feel for it before actually deciding to pour their money into your content.

Why do IT teams take long to rollout latest OS updates?

In almost every company that I have worked in that has an IT team, I notice that it takes a long time to release the MacOS update to the corporate macs.

I get it there is a large suite of software that needs to be tested in the latest OS upgrade before releasing it but I would think that IT team would/should become part of the alpha/beta testing regime so that they get access to the OS updates and can work on testing/updating the software suite with the potential changes in time for the OS release.

VW GTI had the best rear view camera

Since giving up the GTI, if there is one thing I really miss about the car it is the rear view camera.

The camera is tucked behind the VW logo, which opens up nicely when you put the car in reverse gear. This is an amazing design because when it is raining the camera quality isn’t degraded.

I find the rear view camera really bad on Mazda, and the Tesla Y. Especially on raining days. Because there is dirt after the rain and also while it is raining the camera is covered with water droplets making it hard to use the camera.

For reference this is picture of the rear view camera of a Tesla on a rainy day:

IOS 17.3 released

This week saw the release of ios 17.3, nothing of much interest for me in particular. Good to see more protection measures being added to iphone theft given how many posts I stumble upon on reddit w.r.t people’s stolen iphone making its way to China/Mexico.

Zed editor

A new editor that I am trying, mainly because it is from creators of the famous Atom editor that I liked before it was sunsetted. Zed Editor


This week I listened to podcasts episodes that were featuring Ali Abdaal who is one of the few people I subscribe to on youtube.

Interesting conversations and also indirect plug for his new book “Feel good productivity”(in my want to read list)

Be Stubborn on the vision and flexible on the details

One way door and 2 way door decisions

Internet Heatmap

Currently Reading

I am still reading Thinking fast and slow. Unable to dedicate more time for reading.

Visualizing the Heatmap section.

Wondering if there is a way to create a visualization for the heatmap section of the weekly post. Anyone have any ideas?(ping me on x/bsky/mastodon.social)