Weekly Post #5

Posted on February 4, 2024

yank-media in markdown mode

One of the features when writing blog posts on emacs using markdown-mode that I wanted was the ability to copy and paste images to post and not worry about the referencing. Something I liked about VScode in the short time that I was using it.

And Emacs being Emacs I thought, there should certainly be some package or code snippet out there that would achieve this.

I possed this question on the emacs sub-reddit. And within few days, the maintainer of markdown mode included this feature and released it. This has already become one the most used method in markdown mode.

IOS 17.4

I am already looking forward to iOS 17.4 upgrade as it promises to bring transcripts in Apple’s podcasts.app. As someone who has made listening to podcasts part of commute, exercise routine. I find myself at times rewinding to get a particular detail out of the episode. And not long ago I thought to myself that it would great if the podcaster would upload the transcripts of the episode and have the app show it.

With ios 17.4 upgrade looks like that wish of mine would come true. The podcasts app would now apparently have an AI transcription of the episode with the ability for the podcasters to upload the transcript if they want.

Expenses App

I have started using expenses app that I came to know by navigating through one of the posts in the “App defaults” page(linked in the Internet Heatmap section).

“In my opinion…”

I try consciously when writing posts to not use “in my opinion” or delete it after having typed it. In my opinion It is my blog and it goes without saying that everything in here is my opinion unless and otherwise I specifically say so.

Tracing back I think this phrase stems from its usage during meetings. When I don’t want my statements/views to be interpreted as consensus of the people in the meeting I preface it with “in my opinion” and if something just occurred during the course of meeting I use “I think”. There is a subtle difference between those 2 phrases, “I think” has an iota of doubt attached to it while “in my opinion” is a result of some deliberation.

While those phrases hold value in such places I realized, that probably doesn’t need to be carried over to the writing form. Since writing is a more deliberate task.

Comments Section?

Much like analytics and numbers, comments is also something I deliberately chose not to have in my blog. But I keep coming back to this because sometimes I could get feedback or correction if and when some of the technical things I say needs correction.

Through the lens

Why is the root holding on to the rock? Nature rainbow filter

Internet Heatmap