hello hugo

Posted on February 14, 2016

I have been trying to setup this website for a long time now but somehow didn’t/couldn’t. I used to blog at various places before I got this domain :

  • Wordpress
  • Blogger
  • my.opera.com (which unfortunately doesn’t exist any more)

I see why they are popular because hosting a site even though it is simple, its time consuming. If you don’t sit through to endure it early on when you have the enthusiasm, laziness takes over you. Needless to say I lost to it :P.

When I finally got to setting up my website blog, I became super conscious and wanted to use the best blogging platform/tool. In my journey to figure out the best blogging platform out there for me. I tried:

  • Wordpress
  • Pelican
  • Ghost
  • Hyde

As you I did try couple of options. Recently, I got interested in static site generators as I had been noticing alot of people using it. I started using Pelican because I was looking at static site generators in Python. The reasoning for that was I knew little bit of python and thought might be useful if I decide to dive into the code at some point (boy was I wrong about that). I thought the hardest part of deciding on blogging platform was over and that I would now blog more but that didn’t happen either :(

The site got very little attention of mine and I grew more lazy. But thanks to the New Year( yeah I know I am little too late to act on the New Year resolution but meh, I atleast got to it right ? :) ) I resurrected this blog from the graveyard to bring it to life(who says you need to go to Hogwarts to do magic?) and with that I decided to change the blogging platform again - this time HUGO.

Why Hugo?

A static site generator written in ‘Go’ (a language which I had been wanting to learn for a while now). A compelling excuse to learn ‘Go’. So I began reading more about it and thats when I realized that the way I setup pelican on my website was horrbily flawed.

Static site generators are basically programs that convert the markdown into html files which later has to be copied to the machine which runs the webserver(I currently use Nginx)

So, I discovered that the problem was that I didn’t have a proper worfklow setup. Apparently different people have different workflow for setting up their blog with static site generators. I still haven’t found a perfect mojo, but atleast have a start as of now. I will post my workflow once I have a reasonably good one in place.

One example: deplog-process

So far enjoying reading about Hugo, hopefully this should keep me blogging more and also propel me to learn Go so that I can make some modifications :)

EDIT: I have since moved on to using Hakyll.