Posted on February 14, 2022

Recently took a 10FF test, and hit the 100WPM mark. It’s been 5 years since made colemak my default layout pretty much any where I typed (mac, work mac, personal laptop(popOS)).

I stopped practising on 10FF or any typing website once I hit the 90WPM with a good level of accuracy which is to say that I haven’t practised for in over 4 years.

Recently, the thought of going back to QWERTY crossed my mind because I had to make a trip to DMV and though I didn’t hunt and peck the letters, I was crippled not having my favorite layout to type in. I thought to myself if I should just simply my life by going back to QWERTY. So, I did what I did for colemak, fired up 10FF and started typing on QWERTY and achieved a meagerly 50-60 WPM. While I wasn’t so much concerned about WPM, I did notice why I liked/still like colemak. Because in QWERTY my hands were going all over the place while in colemak my fingers feel so relaxed typing.

So I dug a huge pit and burried the thought of going back to QWERTY, and in that process just wanted to test out my colemak speed. And surprise, surprise. I hit the 100WPM mark.