Posted on May 8, 2016

Android team rolled out a new update few weeks back and as soon as they rolled it out my Nexus 6 got updated.

One thing I noticed quickly with this update was that double tapping the “Overview” button quickly swaps out the existing app with the most recently used app and doing that again would take you back to the original app.

This is something I have come to like a lot! It is very useful because every time I click on link or when the another apps opens like chrome, it was a bit frustrating to click overview and navigate to the app I was in originally. This is one of the features I am finding myself using very often and kind of miss it on my Nexus 5x now.

Apart from that I did notice that lot of bugs/issues that I mentioned in my previous post AndroidN got fixed or aren’t seen that often.

Another thing is “clear all” which was one of biggest gripes when I left my Samsung Galaxy S4 for Nexus 6. However, the clear all option doesn’t actually appear until you navigate all the way to the top which in my opinion is counter intuitive, why would you expect the user to scroll the apps all the way to the top to clear them? Lets hope that the Android team find a way to make it better before it hits the RC.