Apple Event

Posted on September 22, 2023

I didn’t make a post about this primarily because I didn’t want to put out a knee jerk reaction to the event.

Now that it has been little over a week since the event I have let all sorts of chemical reactions neutralize. And enough time to ponder and process what I witnessed.

Possibly one of the least enthusiastic iPhone launch for me. Yes, everyone in the tech world is having a sigh of relief that USB-C has landed in the iPhones but beyond that I really don’t think there is much for me as an iPhone 14 pro user to be excited about.

And none of the things on my wishlist came to fruition. In fact, Apple discontinued the magsafe battery pack (only available for purchase to third party sellers). I knew 2 things on the list was never going to happen even as I said it (M3 MBA and Journal app). And the other 2 I was hoping would be more of a silent release(New magsafe charger and magsafe battery).

Putting aside my frivilous wishlist, I still feel that this was a pretty boring event, I was excited when they announced the dynamic island during the iphone 14 pro launch which actually got me to upgrade from 13 pro to 14 pro.

While everyone found Apple’s reiteration of dynamic island unnecessary it is actually one thing I was happy to see. Because, much like the now retired touchbar on the Apple macbook which didn’t get enough app support from the developers, the dynamic island too hasn’t seen that much of adoption. I want to see more and more apps embrace and utilize the dynamic island.

Tap gesture

Tap gesture was nice introduction but still not enough for me to upgrade from Watch series 7.

I liked the gesture but personally is a hard sell for at the moment.

Bringing this post to a boring end much like the Apple event I watched. Onto the next Apple event!