So long Voyager

Posted on October 26, 2023

Its been 2 weeks since I started my journey with Voyager keyboard. What I imagined to be a long journey has come to a crashing halt (because of the the thumb cluster ).

The thumb cluster had previously been an issue for me on the ergodox and moonlander. Turns out it continues be an issue even in the voyager.

At this point I am inclined to say it is just my hands. I feel my thumbs are stretched out accessing the thumb cluster. And voyager is a thumb heavy keyboard, causes issues for me.

I tried modifying the keyboard to make it less thumb heavy(mimicing the planck layout) but the presence of the thumb keys were still a hindarance. I could have replaced the thumbs with covers. But I couldn’t justify $400 for a staggered ortholinear split. And also I am not a huge fan of low profile switches. Still prefer the tried and trusted cherry brown.

Planck continue to reign as the best keyboard for me.